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Windows Server 2003, did you miss the deadline?

By July 15, 2015 July 19th, 2019 No Comments
Microsoft Server 2003. Support ends on July 14th

Relax. You’re one of 1000’s

Support of any kind from Microsoft for all variations of Windows Server 2003 finished yesterday (see countdown here) but according to a recent Computer Weekly article, there are an estimated 400,000 UK businesses still running Windows Server 2003 on their server infrastructure, with 1/3 of these on virtual servers in datacentres.

The article estimates that 70% of businesses will not have migrated, either onto a more recent version or into a cloud-based alternative before yesterday

That leaves huge numbers of businesses taking a massive gamble.  What are they going to do if:

  • they have a server failure?
  • their clients question them about data security?
  • question anything to do with compliance (heaven help us)

Bearing in mind that Windows Server 2003 is about 12 years old (clue in the name), it is antiquated technology and so won’t be nearly as performative as more recent versions.


  • stay and pray that everything works a little longer
  • upgrade your hardware and operating system to a more recent version
  • move into the cloud

Personally I think No.1 is too much of a risk – what do you think?

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