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Windows 7 Countdown

By January 8, 2020 August 30th, 2021 No Comments
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This is how long you have until Microsoft stops support for Windows 7. From this point onwards you are risking your company’s future!

When the countdown reaches 0, Microsoft will no longer be providing support. They will no longer patch or issue security updates. Your laptops and desktops will be increasingly exposed to malware, spyware, ransomware and all the other tools hackers use to get to your network and to your data.

Are you prepared to take that risk?

You will have already seen a number of notifications appear on your device. Microsoft made this happen a number of times throughout 2019, simply to ensure you are aware of the issue and the risks you are taking if you do not upgrade to Windows 10.

You have three options:

  1. Do nothing and run the risks, as your network becomes more and more insecure
  2. Upgrade the operating system on your current device, but be prepared that it may run slowly because the hardware was not designed to run Windows 10
  3. Upgrade your device that will include Windows 10.

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You have been warned!



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