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Why have a dog?

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Why have a dog and bark yourself? It's the same as hiring an expert and then not listening to them

Why do people ignore expert advice they have paid for?

You buy a dog to keep you safe. With their hearing being far superior to yours, their sense of smell much keener and, if necessary, their teeth much sharper, you have a real sense of security when they’re around.
With the dog around to scare off unwanteds, there is no need for you to bark yourself.

You hire a lawyer to ensure you have no legal issues. You hire an accountant to make sure the taxman doesn’t get more than he deserves and you hire an IT support firm to keep your network running.
Why is it that some people then decide to ignore the advice provided?

Let’s have a look at the possible reasons…

  • You have money to burn. Unlikely, even in sectors where the press would have you believe otherwise.
  • You’re scared of change. Possible but then it’s part of the role of the expert to explain why and to calm you regarding any downsides to the changes.
  • You’re stubborn. Very possible but that really means it’s number 2.
  • You’re too proud…… to say you don’t have budget for the proposal. Very possible, but if you are honest with your expert, they will provide (when possible) a solution that fits your budget and achieves as much as can be done.
  • You think you know best. Do you have a mate with some expert knowledge? Bet you do. Should I ask why you didn’t hire your mate, or refer you to No.1?
  • You don’t trust them. This may well be the case, especially if this is the first time you’ve used the expert.

Hiring an expert is normally done when there is a gap in the knowledge within your business. If you’ve got that far, you’re admitting there is a gap. If you actively seek out someone to help and you ask them to help you, you’re accepting there is a gap. If you are honest with them about the extent of the gap and about the budgets you have available, you will get the right answer for your business. There may be times when it is an answer you don’t want, but then we may be referring back to the middle of the list again.

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