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What qualities make the perfect IT manager?

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Your IT is becoming more and more important to your business and this has been recognised in the recent AltoDigital survey. The survey shows the IT department as the most important business function to grow their business – according to 47% of those surveyed.

So let’s look at this and see if the statistics show why…

Computers crashing is the most common issue and this simply slows down the user, meaning they aren’t productive and aren’t contributing to the growth of the business. Naturally IT Support is needed to fix this.

Only 8% of small businesses look at their IT department as a strategic resource, and that’s only to predict future technology There’s no mention of how to use that technology to improve the business. We were surprised that strategic planning was not seen as a key priority. After all, to grow your business, you need the right tools and that includes your IT.  Just ask your marketing team what they would do if their website and email weren’t working.  IT is needed to fix the problem, but wouldn’t it be better they looked at how this could be avoided in the first place?

Thankfully, the image of IT departments portrayed by The IT Crowd doesn’t seem to be what people actually think, with the words boring, confusing and miserable all scoring 4% or less.  Nearly 2/3rds of those surveyed describe their IT Manager as helpful.

I do love the way people believe that the printer running out of paper is an IT issue.  Thankfully we’ve not had many calls about that one!

One word does appear more than any other in the survey: quick.  When something stops working, everybody wants it working again quickly.

One question that isn’t answered here is the size of the IT department, but I would hazard a guess at the number being very small, perhaps only one or two. Why do I say this? Because of the tactical nature of the responses. It’s all about simply fixing stuff, when there is so much more that is available from a good IT department.

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