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Microsoft Prices are Increasing

By November 24, 2016 No Comments

The inevitable has happened and Brexit has hit IT pricing.

Have you thought this when asked a question or pitched to about a product?

After all there’s only five more Friday’s until December 25th and we all know there is less productivity weeks before that.

You might have legitimate reasons to do so and wait until the budgets are restructured or it is just easier in the run up to the busy Christmas period.

However, now is the best time to review your infrastructure.


Microsoft will increase the prices it charges British businesses by up to 22 per cent to account for the slump in the value of the pound following the EU referendum result, the software company has announced.

The new prices will take effect in January 2017 meaning that if you have left it until after the holiday season – you’re losing money.

In recent years the cloud-based subscription version, Microsoft Office 365, has become increasingly popular – as it allows users to access from any device.

Prices will go up no matter what.

As of January, all businesses will be affected by the increase of prices by Microsoft and other US-based companies such as Apple, Amazon and even Netflix.

This will more than likely be passed on to the clients of providers and from Microsoft directly as a result of the uncertainty in the pound.

While Microsoft is one of the first major technology firms to announce such a large price increase for British customers following the collapse of the pound, other businesses have managed to avoid the announcements while still effectively increasing prices.


Review your infrastructure. See what you are currently paying and what it is for then look at other options.

Your internet provider, telecommunications provider and the IT support contract you have are all things that need to be reviewed at this time.

The licenses that you have, are they managed by your IT support company or by the you?

There are options and ways to save money. Explore them.

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