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What can In – App Calling give to you?

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As directors manage their companies – there are three main questions that are normally put to the backs of minds but would make a major difference if answered confidently.

Can I work from home and save on mobile bills? Yes you can.

If you looked at your figures for incoming calls and how many were answered or missed, would it make pretty reading? It didn’t until hosted telephony.

How much business are you missing out on? None.

Those are the three simple answers that I got when I asked my director what impact it had on Systems IT business since moving to the hosted platform.

What would the answers be for your business?

At Systems IT, our account management team and business development team spend most of their time out of the office meeting potential and existing clients.

This means that if a call comes into the office, it would be missed or a member of the engineering team would take a message and get a call back – do potential clients really want that service?

The solution

We all know that there is no way to pick up your desk phone and answer it on the move and then if a company were to pay for mobile bills – there would be much more cost.

Through a hosted telephony solution and VOIP there is a simple solution through the technology that is available now and the fact that the world is literally in the palm of your hand through smart phones.

“Download the app” is something that you hear every day in adverts but there is no better way to take your business with you.

Through the hosted telephony solution we provide at Systems IT, we can install an application and link it to the VOIP phone that sits on your desk.

This means that any time you have a member of staff working from home, there is no excuse why they can’t make and take calls. They can call out as if they are sitting at their desk with the same office number.

Also, in answer to the first question, there is no better way to save on call charges than through the hosted solution.

How do I save?

Have a look at the last telephone bill you got in from your provider and ask why you are paying the call charges.

With the solution Systems IT offer, that would eradicate the call charges by giving the company a cumulative minute bundle for landline and mobile minutes.

Through the app and the manageable web-based management system, the calls you make and take can run through your mobile phone as if you were sitting at your desk.

An example of this would be for any telemarketing teams that run and are making a lot of calls every day to different companies and spending a lot of time on the phone.

Imagine the call charges that would come in.

What have we done?

Recently, we worked with an estate agency to install 40 phones into six different branches across the UK and 15 of those extensions were being used for arrears chasing.

This meant they were making hundreds of calls a day to customers and spending a lot of time on the phone.

However, the company has 160,000 minutes to use for national and mobile calls. That’s 2,666 hours of talk time per month.

That’s a lot of calls to be able to make.

In-app calling is on the rise through many different channels, however, through the hosted platform and the easy manageable system it is never been easier.

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