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Help your Office Manager and they will love you

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After a nice, relaxing weekend, your Office Manager returns to work on Monday morning and there’s a technical glitch with your IT network. Maybe there’s a problem with your telecoms. As the rest of your team arrive, they try to log in, only to find out things aren’t working. The first thing they will do is run to your Office Manager to tell them something they already knows. Picture them now…

Your very stressed office manager already has dozens of tasks to get done that day; what can you do to help?

Your Options

IT support providers generally bill in one of two ways:

  1. Pay As You Go
  2. Monthly retainer based on the number of users

Your Office Manager manages the relationship with your IT support provider, but also manages many of your budgets.

With a PAYG contract, they worry because every user who calls the IT support provider will start racking up charges. They get your team to funnel support issues through them because one call to them is far cheaper than a dozen or more.

With a retainer-based contract, it’s far easier. The first one, or two, people will call and register the issue. It’s likely then that the IT support company will tell them about the issue, so that the rest of your team can be informed and so don’t call in.

The result: your IT support company is working on the issue quickly and your Office Manager doesn’t get constantly bombarded by the rest of your team. Stress levels come down and he/she is much happier and getting on with all the other tasks you’ve given them.

The initial costs of a PAYG solution can seem lower at first sight. The problem is that they are uncontrollable; unless of course you want to stress out your Office Manager. They won’t love you at that point.

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