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Have you ever lost something important?

By August 18, 2017August 30th, 2021No Comments

Maybe your computer froze just before you hit “save” on a document, or maybe a sudden accidental coffee spill fried your hard drive.

Whatever the problem may be, without a backup of information contained on a hard drive – either using external hardware or a cloud subscription – you have to rebuild from scratch.

When it comes to managing any accounts, the loss of information causes more than just a headache for you.

Convenience and peace of mind are the big-picture benefits that disaster recovery as a service brings to the table, and as more companies control DRaaS strategies, the advantages are becoming more apparent in various contexts in use cases.

The market for these services is growing significantly suggesting that DRaaS is on track to outpace traditional approaches to disaster recovery.

But there are even more advantages to DRaaS that may not be top-of-mind for directors.

  1. Ensured compliance

Guidelines are always changing, and companies are responsible for updating their recovery environments with every new standard that is introduced.

By offloading DR to a third party and taking the as-a-Service approach, an organisation will no longer have to manage these complex regulatory pressures, as the chosen service provider handles the tasks as a part of the contract.

This makes life easier for the IT department and helps ensure compliance as standards grow and evolve over time.

By switching to cloud technology with the cloud experts, it allows you to stick by any compliance models in place but also reduce on-going costs of new IT hardware and increase the flexibility of your IT network in general.

  1. Security assurance:

There are countless threats to digital enterprise these days and new dangers such as ransomware and zero-day viruses can wreak havoc on corporate data.

In some cases, these hazards can destroy entire data sets or corrupt files to the point of no return. DRaaS offers a solution, giving businesses the chance to completely restore their data after an incident takes place.

With a private cloud solution there is no need to be worried about the data security. A private cloud would deliver all the security and more, you would get from a server network in your office.

Imagine your business with a fully-redundant and flexible IT network with no worries about backup, storage and recovery.

Imagine your teams being able to work when and where they need to but with no concerns about your network security being breached. That’s what a Systems IT private Cloud will provide for your business.

  1. Continuous improvement:

A company’s digital profile is always in the process of changing, whether with consolidation, virtualization or upgraded hardware.

This makes maintaining a strong DR strategy difficult, as backup environments must reflect every adjustment made in the data centre. DRaaS solutions are designed to keep up with this rapid rate of change and ensure that the business is backed up with every innovation.

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