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Collaboration: Why your business needs it

By June 6, 2019August 30th, 2021No Comments

Are you making the most of Collaboration?

Communication is key to setting up, managing and transforming your business. It’s how you form relationships with team members, carry out complicated projects and collaborate to grow your business. Let’s look at how Collaboration can help your business communicate more effectively.

With your team

Effective and efficient communication between team members creates a productive business, particularly when your teams work across multiple locations, including remotely (from home or client sites). Communication is imperative to high employee engagement, contributing to a positive company culture and creating a motivating and productive work environment.

With customers

As consumers become accustomed to digital transformation, they demand clear and fast response times. With the ability to buy practically anything online with one-click, consumers want to be listened to and responded to instantly. Improving your communication with customers, both current and future, will improve your business performance, particularly if your competitors aren’t effectively communicating with them.

Collaboration services drive your businesses forward in several ways:

Improving workplace experience

Creating a space for communication across the business drastically improves employee engagement and satisfaction. When you have remote teams that can’t simply walk over to a colleague to ask a question, as you would in an office, encouraging strong employee engagement is necessary. It is also widely known that a happy team is a productive team, creating happy customers.

Streamlining IT operations

Your administration tasks can be filtered through one efficient place. This makes life easier for your employees and your IT team. IT administrators can edit the system as easily as employees can manage their admin.

Attracting the next generation

If your business has a mobile and desktop collaboration solution you instantly invite the next generation of workers. Young people today learn to swipe an iPad before learning to tie their shoes; fast and efficient technology is an innate language to them. This will only increase as they grow into the job market and into leadership roles. Therefore, having fast, accessible and on-demand technology invites a fresh and varied workforce. Being able to readily communicate with others and access important data from wherever they are working makes flexible working a viable option. This is another workforce trend that more millennials look for when choosing their career.

Reducing business costs and complexity

Being able to communicate remotely means you no longer have to travel unnecessarily for group meetings. This saves money and allows your team to work flexibly, from home or on the move – another employability plus for millennial workers. A workforce that is able to work from wherever can, over time, reduce the need for a space for everyone. A 30-person business no longer needs space for 30 desks.

Boosting business agility

This final point brings our minds back to the intrinsic positives of communication. Having a team who can communicate via one click improves decision-making, customer interaction and overall efficiency.

With a fully unified IT environment that connects people, applications and data, you can transform your business through the ability to rapidly share information and connect with others. Your customers benefit from quick response times. Your employees benefit from increased engagement and organisational-assistance, further improving employee motivation which boosts productivity and your bottom line. If you’re looking to boost productivity, introduce more collaboration.

Collaboration solutions streamline your goals in one efficient place. They offer functionality such as:

Instant Messaging

People spend over a third of their lives at work, therefore the relationships we form at work are important – a collaboration app keeps you in contact with people across departments, regions and nations. This creates strong communication between employees, benefiting employee engagement and customer culture.

Desktop/Application Sharing

With the ability to share from any device, anywhere, you reduce email inefficiencies and create a safe and stable place for creative multi-party collaboration.


Imagine knowing whether someone is in the office, able to take a call or have a chat. What is it worth to know whether you need to email them because they’re out of the office, or even off work? That’s what Presence gives you – the ability to choose the most appropriate method of communication so that you are using your time, and their’s, effectively.

Video Calling

Collaboration apps often include video calling software. Video calling creates a stronger experience, especially for remote teams, that’s accessible on mobile or desktop. It enables flexible workers to include themselves in important meetings and be a greater presence.

If you have the desire to improve communication between your team and your customers and want to know more about how collaboration services can transform your business, let’s have a chat.

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