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Back to work with January Blues? Flexible working could be your saving grace

By January 21, 2020February 1st, 2021No Comments

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles AND SNOW

Well, hello 2020! You have brought hopeful New Year Resolutions, revived tired old gyms with new, keen members and sent the children back to school. However, with your arrival you have also brought the bitter and icy cold.

This time of the month is when sneaky Jack Frost comes out of hiding – last February it snowed as late as the 27th! Train commuters may have already noticed grit being put down at train stations as a precaution to the imminent snow. But, as you all know, this is not enough to ward off the cold weathers’ effect on you getting to work!

Snow is a disturbance; the schools close, roads become dangerous and public transport is severely affected. At this time of year the option of flexible and remote working is extremely important. It’s a sure-fire way to reduce your teams commute and stress, improving their overall health and happiness. Commuting has been proven to have adverse effects on peoples’ stress levels (need I remind you about Industrial Action) and even health. The pressure of having to get to work is sometimes too much, but with flexible working people no longer have the need to worry.

Flexible working is a viable option for your team that brings positivity to everyone involved

But how do you ensure you can access your work at the drop of a hatch? Disturbances to travel cannot always be predicted, so you need to make sure that your service allows access to important work no matter where you are.

If the best use of your time is to head home or to a café if you’re stuck in a commuting town, the Cloud enables you to access your work and have a productive day. By having the option to access your desktop from anywhere, your employees can work from wherever and from any device. This type of flexible solution saves the time of a long, delayed commute (which is a common occurrence during this time of year!) So, using the Cloud means you can increase your employee’s productivity helping them become much more time-efficient.

So, for those days when your team struggles to arrive into work if the ice or snow is too dangerous, their train is severely delayed, or they think they would benefit from home comforts, providing the option to work remotely can keep your staff happy and in turn, the company.

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