Key Reasons to Use Microsoft Azure

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an expanding cloud platform to help your business meet their challenges, whatever they are and wherever they are. Azure helps businesses build, deploy and manage services and applications, anywhere.

Azure supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices. They allow you to carry on using your favourite tools more efficiently.

We have deciphered the 6 key reasons why you should be using Microsoft Azure:


Microsoft prides themselves in helping businesses of all sizes. They truly put their money where their mouth is when it comes to Azure.

Azure is metred, so you only pay for the functionality and support you need at any given time. Your applications will run smoothly no matter the size. Equally, if you need to suddenly scale up a system such as your data processing, Azure can do this easily.

For the busy times in your business, Azure can accommodate you without you having to pay extra fees during quiet times. You could be an online store whose e-commerce platform goes into overdrive at Christmas. Maybe an accountancy firm whose productivity accelerates during the end of the tax year.  For example, for e-commerce leaders, ASOS, Azure helped them move core services to the Cloud to perform better for their global customers. Combining Cloud microservices paid off on their busiest shopping days such as Black Friday. They saw an increase in peak order handling from 9 orders per second using their original monolith retail system to 33 orders per seconds with their Cloud microservices architected system.


We all know security to be one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. With Azure, you can opt for a multi-layered, built-in security control and unique threat intelligence to safeguard your business against cyber threats. Azure allows you to tailor the security dependent upon what you need and offer a variety of services, such as an Application Gateway which builds a secure and scalable web front end and a VPN Gateway to create secure connectivity across premises.

The additional support network of engineers includes the Azure Security Center that keeps you up to date with Microsoft’s latest security capabilities.


To maximise productivity from Azure, you will need to get in an expert to make the most of how Azure can help you maximise productivity. To further help you, Azure is built in a way that helps to deliver functions and features quickly. Meaning you get all the productivity you want, but your developer costs are lower than they would be for other development platforms.



When deciding on a new service, or new provider, its important to understand what your peers think. That’s why case studies and client lists are important. They help you see whether Azure can deliver.

When you look at Microsoft Azure, there is no doubt that their offering is one of, if not the, most competitive on the market; Microsoft claims they’re five times cheaper than Amazon Web Services (AWS). Companies across the world are taking on Microsoft Azure, as more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure.

We are Azure specialists and often introduce it to our clients when we believe it is the right platform. See our case study with Anchor Bay Construction. We moved their in-house server infrastructure to a Microsoft Office 365 solution. We then implemented a Microsoft Azure Hosted Server Solution to enable people across the business to access Sage300 no matter what site they were on.



Training your teams on a new application platform is never a simple task. Your developers will be able to use Azure to its utmost capability. Once your applications are on Azure, Microsoft provides a range of user support tutorials and other training materials. We’re saying this based on the assumption that your team will know how to use the application being hosted; the training we are discussing is how to use Azure to get access to your application, no matter where and how you are working.



One of the main reasons more businesses are switching to Microsoft Azure is the ability to go hybrid. A hybrid cloud combines a public cloud and a private cloud in a computing environment to ensure you can share applications.

Some companies do prefer a full transition. Others like the option of keeping part of their data on a private location; a hybrid cloud enables you to do this. Microsoft Azure enables hybrid consistency in your applications data, identity and security.

Microsoft Azure is a highly competitive cloud computing system that helps you make the most out of your time, money and resources. With their pay as you go offering, you only pay for the resources you need at any given time. There is no need to invest in your own infrastructure to cope with peak demand. Putting your apps in a cloud means data can follow you, your team and your organisation all around the world. Making it flexible, secure and economical at the same time.


If you would like to know how we can help you implement Microsoft Azure, give us a call now on 020 7227 9700 or contact us here.

Collaboration: Why your business needs it

businessman collaborating with colleagues

Are you making the most of Collaboration?

Communication is key to setting up, managing and transforming your business. It’s how you form relationships with team members, carry out complicated projects and collaborate to grow your business. Let’s look at how Collaboration can help your business communicate more effectively.



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Why Office Managers are our Best Friends

As soon as something goes wrong in the office, who do people go to? The Office Manager.

An office manager is constantly on the go. They’re the core of an organisation, holding departments, offices and staff together. They ensure an office runs smoothly, and a huge part of that is through Telecoms and IT.

That is why Office Managers are our best friends. Whenever someone enquires about our services, it is almost always Office Managers. They know everything that happens in the office through and through, this also means they must deal with staff members coming to them left, right and centre with an assortment of technical difficulties… this is one of their most laborious tasks.

Already juggling jobs, when office managers must deal with these issues, their more important tasks can fall through. That’s why we are their first point of call, offering expert IT and Telecoms support to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are 6 reasons why Office Managers are our best friends:

  • Office Managers are the people who contact us first (prospective and current clients) to enquire about IT support. They reach out to us, meaning they know exactly what issues they have with IT and that they need them resolved quickly.


  • An office manager is the core of the office, the linchpin that holds it together. They are our best friend because that type of insider knowledge helps us do our job justice, for any question about the intricacies of an office they have the answer. They know when something isn’t working, who experiences more issues and communicates directly across the office.


  • When we make decisions about the right solution recommendations for our clients, the Office Manager is pivotal due to their contact with the Director. They know where the company is at with technology and their budget – giving us a rounded impression of situations and helping us make the best decision for the client.


  • As is common with IT issues, once it happens to one person, it happens to another. Office managers help us out immensely by filtering calls – making sure we only get one call from their team instead of many. This helps us do our work more efficiently.


  • After lots of experience with IT issues, office managers have a good understanding of IT. This means they often resolve IT support issues before we get to them. So, as well as us helping them deal with issues, they help us deal with issues. For example, if someone is having an issue with the Internet. Rather than ringing us up straightaway, office managers know that in cases like this the basics can work. In the words of Moss (IT Crowd) … ‘turning it off and on again’ often does the trick. Most people never turn off their laptop and keep it on sleep, restarting your system often revives your laptop and fixes minor issues.

For some company’s IT failures can bring drastic consequences, office managers are a top client since because they’ve contracted us, they trust in our service and are ready to communicate as much as possible to fix their issue.

McQueen Limited was an independent corporate finance advisor who require constant access to data. Their current plan lacked a robust disaster recovery plan and they’d lost confidence in their IT support supplier’s ability to keep up to date with their growth; they turned to us to see how we could help.

We designed an onsite redundant server solution that allowed auto failover of the primary server to the redundant server in the event of a hardware server failure. It included a highly robust offsite disaster recovery plan providing back up of both server images and data every 20 minutes onsite with a consolidated daily change offsite each night. Liaising with the Operational manager, we were able to deliver a system that directly resolved their issues. Follow this link to read more about this case study.

Together with Office Managers, we make a great pair. They are the linchpin for their own company, but they also assist us in our work. Their knowledge, experience and position in the company means we can keep up to date on the ins and outs of our clients. We help them by providing unique and effective IT and Telecom solutions, while they help us by being present and conscientious.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us here.







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Back to work with January Blues? Flexible working could be your saving grace

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles AND SNOW

Well, hello 2019! You have brought hopeful New Year Resolutions, revived tired old gyms with new, keen members and sent the children back to school. However, with your arrival you have also brought the bitter and icy cold.

This time of the month is when sneaky Jack Frost comes out of hiding – last February it snowed as late as the 27th! Train commuters may have already noticed grit being put down at train stations as a precaution to the imminent snow. But, as you all know, this is not enough to ward off the cold weathers’ effect on you getting to work!

Snow is a disturbance; the schools close, roads become dangerous and public transport is severely affected. At this time of year the option of flexible and remote working is extremely important. It’s a sure-fire way to reduce your teams commute and stress, improving their overall health and happiness. Commuting has been proven to have adverse effects on peoples’ stress levels (need I remind you about Industrial Action) and even health. The pressure of having to get to work is sometimes too much, but with flexible working people no longer have the need to worry.

Flexible working is a viable option for your team that brings positivity to everyone involved

But how do you ensure you can access your work at the drop of a hatch? Disturbances to travel cannot always be predicted, so you need to make sure that your service allows access to important work no matter where you are.

If the best use of your time is to head home or to a café if you’re stuck in a commuting town, the Cloud enables you to access your work and have a productive day. By having the option to access your desktop from anywhere, your employees can work from wherever and from any device. This type of flexible solution saves the time of a long, delayed commute (which is a common occurrence during this time of year!) So, using the Cloud means you can increase your employee’s productivity helping them become much more time-efficient.

So, for those days when your team struggles to arrive into work if the ice or snow is too dangerous, their train is severely delayed, or they think they would benefit from home comforts, providing the option to work remotely can keep your staff happy and in turn, the company.

Click HERE to find out more our Cloud Solutions


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Impersonation and Phishing scams: How to stop them

impersonation emails and phishing scams image

‘The trust of the innocent is the Liar’s most useful tool ‘– Stephen King

One of the biggest threats to organisations’ data and systems security is Impersonation emails and Phishing scams. The underlying culprit is the exploitation of trust by the impersonation of colleagues or organisations.

The first ever wave of cybercrime sent via email was the ‘I love you’ scam of 2000, AKA the ‘LoveBug’. This attacked thousands of Windows users and sent a damaging worm onto their systems. What made this scam so successful, other than being the first of its kind, was its impersonation of real people from victims address books. The recipients saw an ‘I love you’ subject-line email from someone they knew. Pure curiosity and human emotion was the anchor in their scam. READ MORE

The Perils of Commuting – Why more companies should help their team work remotely

We’ve all been there, awake at 7 am, thinking about the commute we’re about to face. We wish we can just fall back into our dreams, but really, we must go to work. The work you enjoy… but the journey you hate. READ MORE

How to delete your browsing history

Choose your browser below and follow the step by step guide for Chrome or Internet Explorer to delete your browsing history.


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Five ways to help your team beat the summer heat – and still work securely

It’s the summer holidays! The kids are off school and the heatwave is making it too hot to commute.

So you’d rather relieve the stress of trying to get to the office and work remotely.

You decide to work at cooler, more comfortable periods of the day. Working early in the morning or late in the evening means you’re not sitting in the sweltering heat, barely able to see your laptop screen from the sun’s glare.


Why do you need to reset your password?

reset your password

How easy is it for hackers and cyber attackers to get hold of your data?

Passwords are their first way in and if you don’t reset them regularly, you make their life much easier.

Imagine you go four months without resetting your password because you ignored the reminder. You were running late for a meeting and told yourself you’d remember to do it another time. As soon as you came back to your desk, you’d forgotten all about it.

During the last couple of months, a hacker has gained access to your password. Because you haven’t changed it, they’ve been logging in to your account for weeks, tracking and monitoring your communications.

They now have access to your sensitive corporate data and you’ve got a data breach to deal with.


5 reasons your internet connection is slow and what you can do about it


For 40% of UK workers slow internet connection is the biggest time waster, according to a study by Talk Talk.

2/3 of participants who took part in their survey said poor technology have a large effect on their productivity.

There’s no doubt the internet has become vital for daily business activities. We need it for almost everything. Working at a faster pace, to tighter deadlines and juggling heavier workloads, losing the internet is stressful for your employees. When it goes down, it’s like losing an arm or a leg.


When should you employ an IT manager?

IT support manager

You know that your business relies on your IT to function.

All your data and your files are stored on your network, whether that’s in the Cloud or a local infrastructure. You and your team get hundreds of emails per day – mostly spam admittedly, but it is still one of your key communication tools. Your phones, both mobile and landline, are critical tools as well.

With all of this IT in place within your business, you need someone to call either when it isn’t working or, ideally, in place and working to keep it all running smoothly. You know your business slows dramatically when your IT isn’t working. The question is: what are your options?


Slows PCs and 6 ways to speed them up

speed up your pc

How many times have you put your computer to sleep in the hope it will turn on more quickly in the morning?

Many of us are guilty of never turning our PCs off. You put your PC to sleep, leave the office, and expect it to work nice and quickly the next day.

The next morning, you’re staring at the ceiling, twiddling your thumbs waiting for your programs to load.

According to the latest Office National Statistics, the total annual cost of a slow PC is £3657. Slow PCs not only cost your business money, they also cost your employee’s time.

A recent survey completed by SanDisk found Britons lose an average of 5 ½ days productive work every year because of slow computers. So how can you speed up your PC and improve staff productivity?


What are you missing when staff leave?

When a member of staff leaves it could be a data breach unless you’re careful.

Imagine you have an employee who has decided to leave your business for a competitor. They’ve been with you for 10 years and have developed close relationships with clients.


4 ways to spring clean your data

Spring is here and it’s the traditional time to remove the clutter from your life.

There’s no reason why your data should be exempt from this. It may not be physically there, but it’s sitting there getting dusty nonetheless. So it’s that time of the year to ask yourself: does your data need a good de-cluttering? Is it time to spring clean your data?


Why your business needs Mobile Device Management

Every day, 90 mobile phones are left on London’s Tubes.

Now imagine your employee has confidential corporate data stored on their phone (for example emails, spreadsheets, contacts) and it goes missing. Straight away, you’ve got a data breach to deal with and there’s the possibility important business content could get in to the wrong hands.

From May 25th, you’ve got to report every phone lost, if there is data you cannot secure, to the Information Commissioners Office as a data breach. For more information about how to report a data breach, please click here.

So how can you ensure your business data remains secure whilst maximising your employee’s productivity?


The biggest drivers of bandwidth consumption

bandwidth consumption

Is slow internet connection a common complaint among your employees?

A slow internet connection can be a hassle, but there’s an easy way to solve this.

If you’re aware of the activities slowing down your bandwidth, you can change your usage and speed up your internet connection.

So take a look at some of the key culprits that are potentially slowing down your system.


What’s using up your mobile data?

mobile data use

The way we use our mobiles is changing. Gone are the days of conventional calling.

Over the recent years, the launch of free instant messaging apps has meant that making calls has become less popular and instead, we’re using our mobiles for a range of other activities.

Take a look at what activities are driving our mobile data consumption.


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Are you making these common password mistakes?

common password mistakes

How easy would it be for hackers to take control of your online accounts?

You probably think your passwords are strong and secure. There’s no way that a hacker could guess your passwords! Having elaborate, difficult-to-guess passwords is an absolute necessity in a world that spends most of its time online.

Take a look at some of the most common password mistakes that people make. Find out how to ensure you don’t put your business’ IT security at risk or leave yourself vulnerable to hacking.


Train strikes & bad weather: keep your business running effectively

train commuter

With wet, cold weather to come this Winter and more strikes planned, it’s time to prepare for disruption.

Here in the UK, we’re not blessed with amazing weather all year round, nor are we blessed with reliable train services.

Imagine waiting for your train, ready to start a busy day jam-packed with emails and calls. Then, the announcement is made. Your train is cancelled. You can’t get to the office – the only place you can access your desktop – and the stress begins to pile up. What do you do? Do you just go home? Do you wait hours until the trains start running again?

Train strikes and weather disruptions are a nightmare for those who can only access everything they need from the office.


IT security for your mobile devices

Find out how you can improve the IT security on your mobile devices.

As you know, we don’t do GDPR: we help with IT security.  Two of the biggest weaknesses in any IT network, particularly when it comes to data security, are our mobile devices.

  • 72,000 laptops go missing every year, with 2/3rd left on trains and in coffee shops or public toilets
  • 22,000 USB sticks are left in dry cleaners in the UK each year
  • 90 mobile phones are left on London’s Tube network every day!

Let’s look at the IT security issues around these devices:


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GDPR: Backups and the Right to be Forgotten

gdpr backups and the right to be forgotten

 Do you know how GDPR will affect your backup processes? Take a look at how you can make sure you adhere to regulations.

With GDPR regulations enforceable from May 2018, you may have noticed lots of people giving advice on how to protect your data. But how does it change the way the deletion of data is handled?


We Don’t Do GDPR

we don't do GDPR

We’ve got some tips to help you keep your data secure.

GDPR is the latest buzzword going around. Many companies, from lots of sectors, are jumping on the bandwagon.  They know people are worried about it and companies are concerned about the potential fines of 4% of turnover or 20 million Euros. They see it as a great money-spinner. Some call it the next Y2K.  At Systems IT, we are not interested in advising about what you can and cannot do with the data you have.

We are, however, interested in ensuring you are keeping that data secure. If it isn’t secure, you are failing to abide by key principle (f)…


Improving the Daily Life of an Office Manager

daily life of an office manager

The daily life of an office manager consists of juggling many jobs. But, we can show you a simple way to improve your productivity and give you one less thing to worry about.

The daily life of an office manager can be stressful. You have a million and one things to do and not a lot of time to do it. On top of all of those tasks, you have staff members coming to you left, right and centre regarding the technical difficulties they’re facing. Whether there’s a technical glitch in your IT network or problems with your telecoms, dealing with a bombardment of complaints can be exhausting.

On top of that, you’re stuck with the responsibility of getting in touch with the IT support provider to sort it out. How do you juggle your staff’s IT problems, whilst trying to manage your own and keep yourself sane?


Prove you trust your Office Manager

trust your office manager

Your Office Manager is pivotal to the effective performance of your business.

You expect your Office Manager to deal with many different tasks, most of which are ones you don’t want to do.
At the point your IT support provider makes another mistake or just cannot fix an issue that has been dragging on, who do you ask to look for another provider?  Your Office Manager! After all,  this is the person whose been dealing with them on a daily basis; the one who has to face the rest of your team and tell them things still aren’t working properly.


Help your Office Manager and they will love you

help your office manager love youAfter a nice, relaxing weekend, your Office Manager returns to work on Monday morning and there’s a technical glitch with your IT network. Maybe there’s a problem with your telecoms. As the rest of your team arrive, they try to log in, only to find out things aren’t working. The first thing they will do is run to your Office Manager to tell them something they already knows. Picture them now…

Your very stressed office manager already has dozens of tasks to get done that day; what can you do to help?


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September already?

The ‘summer’ is coming to an end, children are back to school and staff are heading back to work with holiday blues.

But now that work can resume in the run up to Christmas, there could be some cost saving and reviewing to be done on your infrastructure and the way your business communicates.

Look at the bill you got last month from your supplier and look for three main things:

  • Call charges
  • Maintenance (could be under other charges)
  • Line rental

In an ever changing telecommunications world, it is important to review the outgoings on a regular basis.


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Have you ever lost something important?

Maybe your computer froze just before you hit “save” on a document, or maybe a sudden accidental coffee spill fried your hard drive.

Whatever the problem may be, without a backup of information contained on a hard drive – either using external hardware or a cloud subscription – you have to rebuild from scratch.

When it comes to managing any accounts, the loss of information causes more than just a headache for you.


Would you Swap to save?

There are a lot of adverts around now explaining how customers can save money on everything from shopping bills to credit cards, from phone bills to washing up liquid.

All of which trying to make our lives easier while saving us the pretty penny in our pockets.

If you look into what you currently have in place on a monthly basis, would you look to save money straight away instead of waiting until it becomes a problem?


Five ways to reduce data theft from your business

how are you protecting your business from data theft?

Employees and Data Theft

As the working world becomes further entrenched in big data, and with employees’ enjoying unparalleled levels of access, data theft has become a reality that all businesses must face and be prepared for. Citing Biscom’s recent research, Entrepreneur magazine state that 85% of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had created when leaving, and 35% of employees took customer data, including names, numbers and email addresses. With this in mind, we’ve looked at how businesses can minimise the risk of employee data theft, from simple training to advanced solutions.


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Trade in your old system for new handsets for free

We know you have a phone system that hides away in a cupboard somewhere and you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.

However, how long has that system been there? And what would happen if it all of a sudden – God forbid – failed?

If you are like many small businesses, you may not realise the benefits of a new business phone system. Often times, you can get more advanced features for less than you are paying on your current system.

You may want the benefits of mobile integration – connecting remote workers who access your network from their tablet, iPhone or Android device. You may want the ability to customise your system to work with your other third party systems.

There are many reasons businesses choose to upgrade to VoIP or Unified Communications solutions. Here are a few of the top things to consider:


Spending Is Changing With Technology

As companies prepare to roll out their budget plans for the next year and April quickly approaches, there is a lot more to think about with the changes in technology when it comes to the cloud and telephone systems.

Where to spend money is a constant tug of war but it’s not the only battle being fought. How to spend the money can be just as contentious.

Directors have to consider multiple factors to determine expenditures and every year, bring with it a host of changes and market conditions that will impact those decisions.

There’s a growing argument that operating expenses (OpEx) have distinct benefits over capital expenditures (CapEx) that have made it a favoured investment approach by finance departments.


What would happen if…

What would happen if your server broke down with all your data on?

Or maybe your computer froze just before you hit “save” on a document, or maybe a sudden accidental coffee spill fried your hard drive.

Whatever the problem may be, without a backup of information contained on a hard drive – either using external hardware or a cloud subscription – you have to rebuild from scratch.

But do you have the correct disaster recovery in place?

Click here to find out

When it comes to managing any accounts, the loss of information causes more than just a headache for you.

Convenience and peace of mind are the big-picture benefits that disaster recovery as a service brings to the table, and as more companies control DRaaS strategies, the advantages are becoming more apparent in various contexts in use cases.

The market for these services is growing significantly suggesting that DRaaS is on track to outpace traditional approaches to disaster recovery.

But there are even more advantages to DRaaS that may not be top-of-mind for directors.


Are you Risking an Attack on your Infrastructure?

In 2016, more than half of British businesses were hit by ransomware attacks on their infrastructure – so we want to pose a couple of questions to see where you think you stand on security for your network.

Don’t risk an attack on your infrastructure

Ransomware is unpredictable, hard if not impossible to prevent, and is currently showing no signs of slowing. Businesses are facing numerous challenges from this evolving, dangerous threat.

Companies in the UK were found to experience more ransomware attacks than the other countries surveyed – pointing to the fact that the UK has a bigger ransomware problem.

54% of UK companies were found to have been hit by a ransomware attack, compared to 47% in the United States.


Improve your Companies Efficiency

2017 already?

The clichés have all come out now: “Where has the time gone?” “New year, new me.” Everything like that.

But as we move a year closer to BT’s termination of the traditional ISDN phone lines, isn’t it time to start looking at upgrading your infrastructure and improving company efficiency.

Look at the bill you got last month from your supplier and look for three main things:

  • Call charges
  • Maintenance (could be under other charges)
  • Line rental

In an ever changing telecommunications world, it is important to review the outgoings on a regular basis.

New technology and the emergence of Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP as you may know it, has helped to reduce line rental charges as well as in-house call charges.

The blanket cost of phone line charges and calls have been coming down for years but most telecoms companies have not passed these savings on to their customers.

If you haven’t carried out a cost saving audit in the past couple of years you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to reduce the cost of your phone bills.

One example of this was a recent client we worked with, they had the same phone system for the past 21 years and were in no rush to change until they were produced a proposal where a 64% saving was available.

Who would turn this down for the time of a simple, no obligation review?


The 10 main benefits of Outsourcing your IT Support

First things first – Happy New Year!

The festivities are done and now all you want to do is get that first few weeks of work over and done with so you can get back into the swing of things – that and shed the Christmas weight you “accidently” acquired.

You’re sat at your desk in the first week back and after a nice couple of weeks off, how many things have gone wrong?

There are 10 main benefits of outsourcing your IT and now you’re back to work and you need things to start working so your 2017 can get off to the best possible start.

Many office managers and directors in London need to know everything that is going on and if it isn’t, why? This is taking time out of the day where they could be doing more productive things.

So what are the benefits?


New Phones For Christmas

As 2016 comes to an end, many companies are concentrating on Christmas parties and New Year plans and leaving all review of infrastructure until 2017.

Business managers and directors are paying out a lot with end of year celebrations to treat staff for their hard work throughout the year, making money and making sure the business works and continues to grow.

So why not treat your business? Buy it a late Christmas present.

Click HERE for a Christmas Present


The real cost of travel delays to your business

How long is it taking you to get to work each day?

In the IT industry, especially when you have a help desk of engineers fixing problems for clients like we do, being on time and at work is essential to customer satisfaction.

There is a lot of money invested into IT support and security by businesses around London and therefore ensuring you have the right systems in place can make a huge difference to your success and efficiency.

But what happens when something goes wrong?

Click here to find out


Microsoft Prices are Increasing

The inevitable has happened and Brexit has hit IT pricing.

Have you thought this when asked a question or pitched to about a product?

After all there’s only five more Friday’s until December 25th and we all know there is less productivity weeks before that.

You might have legitimate reasons to do so and wait until the budgets are restructured or it is just easier in the run up to the busy Christmas period.

However, now is the best time to review your infrastructure.


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How did we do at the Comms Dealer National Awards

Systems IT was delighted to be “highly commended” at the Comms Dealer National Awards this month.

The company was judged against hundreds of applicants in the Best SME Contact Centre Solution and were shortlisted for the final four at the awards night held at the Hilton on Park Lane.

Unfortunately, Systems IT missed out on top prize on the night but received high commendation from the judges in the first year of entering any type of awards.

Director Tom Lawrence said: “We are proud of our achievements over the past 12 years of trading and of course this shows we are recognised in the industry.

“Of course we would have liked to go on stage and pick up the award but the competition was so strong.

“We are not disappointed or disheartened and I know that the team are even more driven to win next year and show our progress.”

On the judging panel were industry experts that looked at the overall case studies by the entrants and said Systems IT were “outstanding” in the service to customers.

The awards were hosted by the BBC’s Gaby Logan and there were around 700 in attendance

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Hosted Telephony Benefits

Hosted Telephony, Cloud Telephony and Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP for the less technical) are all buzz-words that get thrown around – but who really knows what the benefits are?

If you have an IT guru in the office who knows exactly what they are, ask them what it would do for the company – if not – see below.

How are you running your back-up for your important documents?

How are you running your back-up for your important documents?

This is a question that is usually answered with uncertainty or with an old system that will more than likely cause your business’ files and folders damage or cost it a lot of money.

Because people see it as “just working” and are very reluctant to change their back-ups due to security reasons – this leaves them languished in the past.

So the question is – where would your business be if your server, all of a sudden, wasn’t working?


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Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming

When it comes to the weather, we don’t really have much luck in this country.

So does our business have to stop because things out of our control do their best to disrupt days?

Every time someone says: “I can work from home,” do you wish you could do the same?

No trailing into the office in downpours or out in the extremely cold mornings before getting on that train where everyone is passing on a cold or infection.

So what can the answer be?


Buy cheap – buy twice

Can everyone remember the days when if you were on the landline your internet would go off?

I certainly can.

I remember the disruptions and arguments any incoming or outgoing call would cause to the internet usage and the fact that it was one or the other made a huge difference in our house.

Could never imagine if the internet was the latest technology in helping companies to stay connected through calls and they would use that connection to have conversations.

As companies move from traditional ISDN based telephone systems to a hosted solution, the internet is becoming more important for companies to have exactly what they need.

By having a hosted telephony system, companies now have a more secure, disaster recoverable and reliable system.


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Train Strikes – What can you do?

train delays

There aren’t many more frustrating things about living and working in London than train strikes or delays.

Having a good start to the day is essential for business in the city as it really does make sure that decision makers and the people who are talking in the industry are working as efficiently as possible.

Southern Railway has gone through two days of strikes as staff walked out and caused hundreds of trains to be cancelled at crucial times of the working week.

Imagine being on a platform and heading to work and then it is cancelled. You can’t get to the office and you have a load of emails to answer, calls to make and documents to send on and the only way of doing that is on your office desktop.

What do you do? Go home and hope everything will be OK? Wait for hours until the service is resumed which could be hours of standing on a platform?


Comms National Awards Finalists!


Systems IT is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for two prestigious accolades in the Comms Dealer Awards 2016, at our first time of entering.

When judged against all other applicants, Systems IT is a finalist in the Best SME Contact Centre Solution and Best Enterprise Contact Centre Solution categories.

Find out more information here

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What can In – App Calling give to you?

As directors manage their companies – there are three main questions that are normally put to the backs of minds but would make a major difference if answered confidently.

Can I work from home and save on mobile bills? Yes you can.

If you looked at your figures for incoming calls and how many were answered or missed, would it make pretty reading? It didn’t until hosted telephony.

How much business are you missing out on? None.


Calls abroad

The last time I went abroad was in February, to Copenhagen, for a relaxing weekend with my partner and our friends – but even at 25-years-old I still have to let my mum know I landed safely.

Luckily, when it comes to calling from abroad, all I need is an internet connection – so even to check in, and stop mother bear quivering in her slippers, is free.

“How? What? Free?” I can hear you asking. Thankfully the days of huge bills on return from a holiday are a thing of the past.

Even though the holiday was supposed to be relaxing and work-free, we know this is never the case.

Business is always happening and the world of telecommunications connects us all around the world.

I was standing in Copenhagen airport when I picked up a few emails that required a call back and talking to clients was easy through the right channels.

So what is the solution?

Call bundles or cheaper calls abroad are always things that are mentioned when it comes to choosing a new phone contract.

Calling friends, family or lovers overseas can cost a fortune – phoning Australia on BT can be up to 90p/min and with Vodafone it’s an eye-watering £1.50/min.

But if you know the right way to call you can pick up the phone for next to nothing, or even for free.

I simply logged into my Horizon application on my smart phone and dialed clients (and mum) as if I was sitting in my office chair in central London.

Nobody knew I was enjoying a Carlsberg.

A hosted solution allows this to happen, as if you’re sitting in the UK, and has allowed business to continue when Directors and Management fancy a trip away.

Through the hosted system, this comes with a user license that gives access to the Horizon app. This links with your contacts and becomes your office phone anywhere you are.

What is on offer?

I called a client from Denmark on my mobile and the number that came up on their end began with 0207 – and it was free.

Through Systems IT, hundreds of users have a call package allowing them 4,000 free minutes to 01,02, 03 and 07 numbers.

With this user license, there is the option to get access to the app allowing you to make calls from your mobile from anywhere to any of those numbers inclusive of you call package – as long as you are connected to the internet.

So whenever you’re abroad and just can’t escape the rush of working life, there is no better solution.

It could also save you a lot in charges for dialing the UK. I just hope my mum doesn’t read this or I am checking in forever.

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Out of the Office?

An out of office reply is something all business development and sales people fear.

“I am currently out of the office until 32nd of February 2035 – if this is urgent call my office.” Is an exaggerated example of some of the replies I have seen in the past – but you know what I am getting at?

But when you’re on the other side of things and you are enjoying time away with your family or friends, there is nothing better than relaxing instead of having constant email.

However, things have changed.

Directors, management and hard-working individuals are constantly making sure that business doesn’t stop.

What is the solution?

When it comes to business continuity, a cloud solution is essential to anyone that simply cannot get away from their work. Having access to your complete desktop and not just your email can save on a number of things like; calls to the office to log on to your computer, international charges on mobile bills, staff productivity and ensuring you counter a time difference.

All of this means that when business is going – so are you.

Immediate access to the cloud via WiFi or 4G can make a huge difference to any business in a number of ways.

If you know that there is a something that you need in the office but you’re hundreds of miles from it, wouldn’t it be great to log on to the desktop from your phone, tablet or nearest computer and just work as normal?

What does it mean?

National work from home day was on the 15th of May this year, but it would be nice if you could just do this whenever you didn’t fancy the daily commute or just on an early morning meeting.

When it comes to performance and productivity, incentives are a key driver. The happier your employees are, the more likely it is that they’ll engage, and the less likely they are to seek another job.

Want to give your staff the ultimate incentive? Do away with the daily commute, and let them log on to a hosted desktop from home. Free everyone from the tyranny of tube stations and traffic jams. Give them the gift of extra hours in the day.

What can be done?

If you don’t have to comply with a regulatory body or other compliance issues such as Safe Harbour, a public cloud solution may be precisely what you need, so what is a public cloud solution?

Put simply, it is a Cloud solution shared by lots of people and businesses. You will have heard of Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and Office 365 with OneDrive; all are public cloud solutions and they all provide a good service for their target audience.

You benefit from economies of scale delivered by the pooling of resources from all users.

But when your business is a little more personal – make sure you have the right infrastructure in place. The question now is: which is the right Cloud solution for your business?

Is your phone deal ripping you off?

We’ve all seen them.

The ‘too good to be true’ sales pitches that always cast some doubt in minds of buyers everywhere.

Whether it be updating your television package with a well-known retailer for £10 cheaper than the person next door or buying new carpets where the company quote you £2 per square foot – before charging extortionate prices for labour and cups of tea.

The most recent cases that I have witnessed is the unbelievable prices that businesses are being charged for their phone systems.

So before you rip off the business wear and head off on holiday, make sure you’re not getting ripped off in the office.

BT, recently criticised by MP’s, has been told it must invest more in Openreach – the company responsible for most of the country’s broadband roll-out. This is not the only thing the company, and many providers of telecommunications and internet services, are doing.

Recently, while trying to win a client against BT, I came up against the fact they were trying to offer a faster internet service at 100Mb for more than £500 per month. Alongside this, the company were offering a SIP phone system for in excess of £700 per month including calls and maintenance for the client.

The client has 11 employees including the directors. Can they afford to pay that much for a system that will be upgraded in five years?

Another company fighting for the same contract were trying to offer a £600 per month solution for the company but only after they paid around £4,500 up front for installation and hardware.

Please, do not fall victim to this.

If your business has no money worries and there is nothing to worry about in the finance department, then go ahead.

But how many companies can say this?

The biggest question on most Finance Director and Managing Director’s minds is – how can I save money?

When was the last time you reviewed from within?

My first blog post talked about the scaremongering that when on when BT announced the termination of ISDN phone lines but it appears now that providers are using this tactic to make a quick bit of money without worrying about the customer.

Wouldn’t it be easier for companies to just understand: this is what you’re paying, this is what you’re paying for and this is where you will find the value for money? A fixed monthly fee for a system with the latest technology, on-site and remote support, guaranteed quality of service. It really is that simple.

Going back to the example above, that same contract would cost around £350 per month for the client, including a 100Mb internet connection.

Is there any math to be done?

There is a lot changing in telecommunications so any advice to companies would be to make sure that they have the right information on their options.

Now, where’s that factor 50!

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Weather or not you can work?

flooded office business continuity

Is the wet weather impacting your ability to help your clients?

Hurricanes, floods, and other acts of nature can inflict severe damage on a businesses, wrecking equipment, ruining office space, and displacing staff.

Last Wednesday, London saw an example of unexpected wet weather which played havoc with the surrounding buildings. We saw clogged gutters forcing water into buildings, water rising through the floors of basement offices, and tube stations being closed, many homes and businesses suffered because of it.

We all know how bad the weather can be in the UK – I mean we are always whinging on about it- and when your office is flooded and building managers want to get a quick fix, it often results in large, noisy machinery in the office, either pumping water or circulating air to dry things out. That can leave you nowhere to work when you are dealing with clients and trying to solve problems.

Systems IT was one of those businesses last week! We came into our office on Thursday morning to find a lot of water! As we are a basement office, our floors and equipment were soaked through.

Thankfully, at Systems IT, we practice what we preach. Therefore, within a few minutes, we were packed up and out the office into another water-free zone where we carried on our day’s work as if the sun was shining constantly. Our employees managed to work from client sites or at home, and our sales team even worked in Costa just round the corner from our office building!

  • Cloud-based IT meant we can get our data and our helpdesk systems and continue supporting our clients
  • Cloud-based telephony meant we could talk to our clients, our prospects and, indeed, each other

I’m not sure any of our clients noticed any difference – and that’s the point!

Were you able to work?

Click here if you struggled last week