The Perils of Commuting – Why more companies should help their team work remotely

We’ve all been there, awake at 7 am, thinking about the commute we’re about to face. We wish we can just fall back into our dreams, but really, we must go to work. The work you enjoy… but the journey you hate. READ MORE

How to delete your browsing history

Choose your browser below and follow the step by step guide for Chrome or Internet Explorer to delete your browsing history.


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Five ways to help your team beat the summer heat – and still work securely

It’s the summer holidays! The kids are off school and the heatwave is making it too hot to commute.

So you’d rather relieve the stress of trying to get to the office and work remotely.

You decide to work at cooler, more comfortable periods of the day. Working early in the morning or late in the evening means you’re not sitting in the sweltering heat, barely able to see your laptop screen from the sun’s glare.


Why do you need to reset your password?

reset your password

How easy is it for hackers and cyber attackers to get hold of your data?

Passwords are their first way in and if you don’t reset them regularly, you make their life much easier.

Imagine you go four months without resetting your password because you ignored the reminder. You were running late for a meeting and told yourself you’d remember to do it another time. As soon as you came back to your desk, you’d forgotten all about it.

During the last couple of months, a hacker has gained access to your password. Because you haven’t changed it, they’ve been logging in to your account for weeks, tracking and monitoring your communications.

They now have access to your sensitive corporate data and you’ve got a data breach to deal with.


5 reasons your internet connection is slow and what you can do about it


For 40% of UK workers slow internet connection is the biggest time waster, according to a study by Talk Talk.

2/3 of participants who took part in their survey said poor technology have a large effect on their productivity.

There’s no doubt the internet has become vital for daily business activities. We need it for almost everything. Working at a faster pace, to tighter deadlines and juggling heavier workloads, losing the internet is stressful for your employees. When it goes down, it’s like losing an arm or a leg.


When should you employ an IT manager?

IT support manager

You know that your business relies on your IT to function.

All your data and your files are stored on your network, whether that’s in the Cloud or a local infrastructure. You and your team get hundreds of emails per day – mostly spam admittedly, but it is still one of your key communication tools. Your phones, both mobile and landline, are critical tools as well.

With all of this IT in place within your business, you need someone to call either when it isn’t working or, ideally, in place and working to keep it all running smoothly. You know your business slows dramatically when your IT isn’t working. The question is: what are your options?


Slows PCs and 6 ways to speed them up

speed up your pc

How many times have you put your computer to sleep in the hope it will turn on more quickly in the morning?

Many of us are guilty of never turning our PCs off. You put your PC to sleep, leave the office, and expect it to work nice and quickly the next day.

The next morning, you’re staring at the ceiling, twiddling your thumbs waiting for your programs to load.

According to the latest Office National Statistics, the total annual cost of a slow PC is £3657. Slow PCs not only cost your business money, they also cost your employee’s time.

A recent survey completed by SanDisk found Britons lose an average of 5 ½ days productive work every year because of slow computers. So how can you speed up your PC and improve staff productivity?


What are you missing when staff leave?

When a member of staff leaves it could be a data breach unless you’re careful.

Imagine you have an employee who has decided to leave your business for a competitor. They’ve been with you for 10 years and have developed close relationships with clients.


4 ways to spring clean your data

Spring is here and it’s the traditional time to remove the clutter from your life.

There’s no reason why your data should be exempt from this. It may not be physically there, but it’s sitting there getting dusty nonetheless. So it’s that time of the year to ask yourself: does your data need a good de-cluttering? Is it time to spring clean your data?


Why your business needs Mobile Device Management

Every day, 90 mobile phones are left on London’s Tubes.

Now imagine your employee has confidential corporate data stored on their phone (for example emails, spreadsheets, contacts) and it goes missing. Straight away, you’ve got a data breach to deal with and there’s the possibility important business content could get in to the wrong hands.

From May 25th, you’ve got to report every phone lost, if there is data you cannot secure, to the Information Commissioners Office as a data breach. For more information about how to report a data breach, please click here.

So how can you ensure your business data remains secure whilst maximising your employee’s productivity?


The biggest drivers of bandwidth consumption

bandwidth consumption

Is slow internet connection a common complaint among your employees?

A slow internet connection can be a hassle, but there’s an easy way to solve this.

If you’re aware of the activities slowing down your bandwidth, you can change your usage and speed up your internet connection.

So take a look at some of the key culprits that are potentially slowing down your system.


What’s using up your mobile data?

mobile data use

The way we use our mobiles is changing. Gone are the days of conventional calling.

Over the recent years, the launch of free instant messaging apps has meant that making calls has become less popular and instead, we’re using our mobiles for a range of other activities.

Take a look at what activities are driving our mobile data consumption.


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Are you making these common password mistakes?

common password mistakes

How easy would it be for hackers to take control of your online accounts?

You probably think your passwords are strong and secure. There’s no way that a hacker could guess your passwords! Having elaborate, difficult-to-guess passwords is an absolute necessity in a world that spends most of its time online.

Take a look at some of the most common password mistakes that people make. Find out how to ensure you don’t put your business’ IT security at risk or leave yourself vulnerable to hacking.


Train strikes & bad weather: keep your business running effectively

train commuter

With wet, cold weather to come this Winter and more strikes planned, it’s time to prepare for disruption.

Here in the UK, we’re not blessed with amazing weather all year round, nor are we blessed with reliable train services.

Imagine waiting for your train, ready to start a busy day jam-packed with emails and calls. Then, the announcement is made. Your train is cancelled. You can’t get to the office – the only place you can access your desktop – and the stress begins to pile up. What do you do? Do you just go home? Do you wait hours until the trains start running again?

Train strikes and weather disruptions are a nightmare for those who can only access everything they need from the office.


IT security for your mobile devices

Find out how you can improve the IT security on your mobile devices.

As you know, we don’t do GDPR: we help with IT security.  Two of the biggest weaknesses in any IT network, particularly when it comes to data security, are our mobile devices.

  • 72,000 laptops go missing every year, with 2/3rd left on trains and in coffee shops or public toilets
  • 22,000 USB sticks are left in dry cleaners in the UK each year
  • 90 mobile phones are left on London’s Tube network every day!

Let’s look at the IT security issues around these devices:


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GDPR: Backups and the Right to be Forgotten

gdpr backups and the right to be forgotten

 Do you know how GDPR will affect your backup processes? Take a look at how you can make sure you adhere to regulations.

With GDPR regulations enforceable from May 2018, you may have noticed lots of people giving advice on how to protect your data. But how does it change the way the deletion of data is handled?


We Don’t Do GDPR

we don't do GDPR

We’ve got some tips to help you keep your data secure.

GDPR is the latest buzzword going around. Many companies, from lots of sectors, are jumping on the bandwagon.  They know people are worried about it and companies are concerned about the potential fines of 4% of turnover or 20 million Euros. They see it as a great money-spinner. Some call it the next Y2K.  At Systems IT, we are not interested in advising about what you can and cannot do with the data you have.

We are, however, interested in ensuring you are keeping that data secure. If it isn’t secure, you are failing to abide by key principle (f)…


Improving the Daily Life of an Office Manager

daily life of an office manager

The daily life of an office manager consists of juggling many jobs. But, we can show you a simple way to improve your productivity and give you one less thing to worry about.

The daily life of an office manager can be stressful. You have a million and one things to do and not a lot of time to do it. On top of all of those tasks, you have staff members coming to you left, right and centre regarding the technical difficulties they’re facing. Whether there’s a technical glitch in your IT network or problems with your telecoms, dealing with a bombardment of complaints can be exhausting.

On top of that, you’re stuck with the responsibility of getting in touch with the IT support provider to sort it out. How do you juggle your staff’s IT problems, whilst trying to manage your own and keep yourself sane?


Prove you trust your Office Manager

trust your office manager

Your Office Manager is pivotal to the effective performance of your business.

You expect your Office Manager to deal with many different tasks, most of which are ones you don’t want to do.
At the point your IT support provider makes another mistake or just cannot fix an issue that has been dragging on, who do you ask to look for another provider?  Your Office Manager! After all,  this is the person whose been dealing with them on a daily basis; the one who has to face the rest of your team and tell them things still aren’t working properly.


Help your Office Manager and they will love you

help your office manager love youAfter a nice, relaxing weekend, your Office Manager returns to work on Monday morning and there’s a technical glitch with your IT network. Maybe there’s a problem with your telecoms. As the rest of your team arrive, they try to log in, only to find out things aren’t working. The first thing they will do is run to your Office Manager to tell them something they already knows. Picture them now…

Your very stressed office manager already has dozens of tasks to get done that day; what can you do to help?


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September already?

The ‘summer’ is coming to an end, children are back to school and staff are heading back to work with holiday blues.

But now that work can resume in the run up to Christmas, there could be some cost saving and reviewing to be done on your infrastructure and the way your business communicates.

Look at the bill you got last month from your supplier and look for three main things:

  • Call charges
  • Maintenance (could be under other charges)
  • Line rental

In an ever changing telecommunications world, it is important to review the outgoings on a regular basis.


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Have you ever lost something important?

Maybe your computer froze just before you hit “save” on a document, or maybe a sudden accidental coffee spill fried your hard drive.

Whatever the problem may be, without a backup of information contained on a hard drive – either using external hardware or a cloud subscription – you have to rebuild from scratch.

When it comes to managing any accounts, the loss of information causes more than just a headache for you.


Would you Swap to save?

There are a lot of adverts around now explaining how customers can save money on everything from shopping bills to credit cards, from phone bills to washing up liquid.

All of which trying to make our lives easier while saving us the pretty penny in our pockets.

If you look into what you currently have in place on a monthly basis, would you look to save money straight away instead of waiting until it becomes a problem?


Five ways to reduce data theft from your business

how are you protecting your business from data theft?

Employees and Data Theft

As the working world becomes further entrenched in big data, and with employees’ enjoying unparalleled levels of access, data theft has become a reality that all businesses must face and be prepared for. Citing Biscom’s recent research, Entrepreneur magazine state that 85% of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had created when leaving, and 35% of employees took customer data, including names, numbers and email addresses. With this in mind, we’ve looked at how businesses can minimise the risk of employee data theft, from simple training to advanced solutions.


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Trade in your old system for new handsets for free

We know you have a phone system that hides away in a cupboard somewhere and you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.

However, how long has that system been there? And what would happen if it all of a sudden – God forbid – failed?

If you are like many small businesses, you may not realise the benefits of a new business phone system. Often times, you can get more advanced features for less than you are paying on your current system.

You may want the benefits of mobile integration – connecting remote workers who access your network from their tablet, iPhone or Android device. You may want the ability to customise your system to work with your other third party systems.

There are many reasons businesses choose to upgrade to VoIP or Unified Communications solutions. Here are a few of the top things to consider: