Public Cloud

Which is the right Cloud solution for your business?

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Public Cloud

Not every business needs a private Cloud solution

If you don’t have to comply with a regulatory body or other compliance issues such as Safe Harbour, a public cloud solution may be precisely what you need, so what is a public cloud solution?

Put simply, it is a Cloud solution shared by lots of people and businesses. You will have heard of Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and Office 365 with OneDrive; all are public cloud solutions and they all provide a good service for their target audience. You benefit from economies of scale delivered by the pooling of resources from all users.

The question now is: which is the right Cloud solution for your business?

Systems IT will help you get the right cloud solution.

Our technical team will review your current IT infrastructure and your business needs before recommending the best cloud solution for you. This may be a public Cloud but may include some elements of a private Cloud; perhaps for enhanced data security or for bespoke applications used within your business.

Imagine your business with a fully flexible IT network with no worries about backup, storage and recovery. Imagine your teams being able to work when and where they need to but with no concerns about capacity or network security. That’s what a Systems IT public or hybrid cloud will provide for your business.