IT Security

Our job is to work with you to get the right solution

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IT Security

IT security is a growing problem today:

  • Denial of service (DOS) attacks
  • Distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS)
  • Crypto Locker viruses
  • Security breaches
  • Data compromises
  • Lost laptops

All are examples of IT security failures and all hit the headlines on a regular basis.  With the amount of information you keep about your clients, your staff and your stakeholders increasing almost daily, the problem of IT security continues.

This may be something as simple as web/application filtering and bandwidth management (ensuring non-authorised people aren’t using all your bandwidth and slowing you down), using two-factor authentication, or implementing intrusion protection with a next generation firewall.

Our technical team will quickly check you aren’t exposed now (and plug any security gaps asap), before working with you to develop the right IT security plan for your business. Systems IT can help you protect your network, your data and your business, whether you have an on-site server network or whether you are in the Cloud.

Our job is to work with you to get the right solution.

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